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GTA 5 Investment: How to make bilion in GTA 5

Many gamers have a same question!! It is: How to make money in GTA 5 or GTA 5 Investment Tips?

Yes, in this post, i am going to guide you many GTA 5 Investment Tips, check it below!!

Lester's mission: Some Franklin assassination mission will be designated by Lester and them closely related to the stock market. If you notice, you will see Lester reveals how the stock price will be affected after the completion of tasks. Listen and investing large sums, you will receive a large amount many times greater.

Investing in FlyUS stocks: After completing the task "Legal Trouble", its stock will fail miserably. Invest your money right now because after doing a few quests and completing tasks "Meltdown", Flyus stock price will double, even higher than the previous mission "Legal Trouble".

Waiting at the ATM: watch the ATM, after NPC withdraw money, let's kill them with a knife or gun silencers, because they had just withdrawn the money, they will drop a large amount.

To throw out a sprat to catch a mackere: Prime time game, money is really hard problem because the task does not bring money or very little. However, if you do not want to wait too long, you can both entertain and make money just by doing 19 robberies.

Many little makes a mickle: Saving money is essential to apply for much larger purpose in future. The first coins earned you should save, restrict buy guns or spending on purchases of clothing and vehicles. When the time comes, take the money that you get for the stock market, you will get real bargain for this wise patience.

  • To save money to buy a gun, complete challenging shooter - Gun Range - and you will receive a discount 10, 15, 25%.
  • While performing the task, buy a weapon and upgrade all up. When you suicide, you will make mission down but money will be refunded and the upgrade preserved.
  • If you want to fix your car for free, save your game and load again.

Complete all the big heist: The task of robbing the jewelry store or the bank brought a huge bargain. Duties rob the jewelery store is one of the first major mission and if you cleverly enough, let's do the task so fluency and intelligent to get the most money possible.

Join the stock market: After a considerable amount of money, invest in the stock market immediately. Series of Franklin assassination missions are directly affected the stock market, with the acts of sabotage and assassination. If you freeze the CEO of multinational pharmaceutical company, invest in their opponents. If you missed any dialogue, stop and check. However, if only Franklin also not mean anything because Trevor or Michael was the one who needed the money for real estate investments later. Thorough research to all three of them together have a reasonable investment. After each assassination mission, save your game at home a few times until profits achieved the highest. Let's put all the money of all 3 characters. The percentage will change to play in the game.

  • Hotel Assassination mission: investing in Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ) before the mission. Search by 40-50% profit.
  • Multi-target Assassination mission: investing in Debonaire (LCN) before the mission. 80-90% profit. Immediately you invest in Redwood (LCN) after selling all Debonaire shares, Redwood shares will increase 300%.
  • Vice Assassination mission: investing in Fruit (BAWSAQ) before the mission. 50-60% profit.
  • Bus Assassination mission: investing in Vapid (BAWSAQ) after the task. Skip signs of up and down, if the stock price is lower than low, please purchase. 80-90% profit will be back after 1 and 2 days in game (stock will remain low value during that time and then jumped), profits can be up to 150%.
  • Construction Assassination mission: investing in Goldcoast (GCD) before the mission. 80-90% profit.

Rob money trucks: Sometimes on the road you will see the money truck departure preparation, if you are lucky you will see staff carry suitcases of money, kill them and steal the briefcase, if they were in the car, use a gun or bomb C4 to unlock car. The money usually is approximately $ 5,000.

Investing in Security Merryweather after beating the game: before you complete the game, this stock is very low. After completing the game, invest $ 30M will revenue of $ 6M.


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